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Before you can publish you need content. Pictures, even at “a thousand words” each, can’t tell all that needs to be told. Let the skilled writers at Third Act Services craft a compelling narrative to help you develop your story with one audience and tell it to another, from key stakeholders to the press and the public.

Press Releases
Third Act Services is fluent in public-relations-speak, from a one-off press release for a special event or project to being your on-call resource for all your press communications materials.

Promotional Articles
Have an opportunity to be featured in the press but don’t know what to say? Need content for your website, newsletter, or social media? One call to Third Act Services and your story is ready. Third Act Services can craft a variety of engaging copy from news about your latest product, service or accomplishment to production histories on your upcoming performances or information summaries and reference listicles related to your current endeavors. We can help you tell your story.

Interviews & Profiles
The Third Act Services team has been interviewing celebrities, business innovators, and other public figures for feature articles for over two decades, and we put that experience to work for you when you want to highlight a member of your team for a playbill, your website, a newsletter, or any other communication.

Marketing & Development Messages
Third Act Services brings years of copywriting and editing expertise to your campaigns, helping you craft effective and engaging messaging. 

Email Campaigns
Third Act Services speaks MailchimpConstant ContactVerticalResponse, or whatever other platform you use for email campaigns, creating eye-catching layouts to tell your story. We can also wordsmith your text for individual messages or ongoing patron news and engagement campaigns.

Annual Reports
Investors and grantors depend on your annual report to tell your story and demonstrate your fiscal competence. Third Act Services takes your data and combines it with photos and illustrations to keep them turning the page. A cost-effective and easily distributed digital annual report is also a great way to show your gratitude to your existing individual donors and keep them invested in your success, as well as attracting new funders and investments. 

Third Act Services not only respects, but celebrates gifted professional photographers, and we happily refer our clients to them for critical studio-quality work. When, however, you need photography of a more casual nature – from parties, seminars, and meetings to rehearsals, opening nights, or other events – you can count on Third Act Services to capture the moment.