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Third Act Services creates intriguing, visually exciting promotional art for theatrical productions and events, organizational marketing campaigns, internal communications, branding, and special projects. We also work with your existing artwork from other resources and deploy it throughout a range of products and services based on your needs.

Logos & Wordmarks
From complete rebranding to unique identities for specific company events, productions, special projects or other programs, Third Act Services collaborates with you to define and deploy designs that communicate your singular style.

Third Act Services has the expertise to scale your advertising art to meet the unique requirements of print and digital deployment, from newspapers and magazines to common social media formats and more unique online properties.

Key Art
Few things generate attention better than key art that draws people in and inspires them to learn more. Third Act Services partners with you to create a central image that communicates your company’s unique take on each project. Comprehensive campaign art highlights the unique quality of each project or production component while maintaining consistent thematic elements throughout.

Online & Social Media Graphics
Every social media publisher has their own unique specifications for graphics (logo, main photo, featured art, etc.). Third Act Services optimizes your art for each site where you have an active social media presence.

Postcards & Posters
Posters and postcards – the backbone of many a marketing campaign! Every organization needs and desires new patrons and getting your message directly in front of nearby residents is just as critical as ever to delivering them. Count on Third Act Services to create attractive and effective printed marketing collaterals – and even handle an entire postcard campaign for you, from design to printing to mailing.

Invitations & Stationery
The elegance of a formal invitation can still make an impact when promoting your next gala, auction, or other special event and post-event follow-up with a customized and personal message shows an added layer of thought and appreciation.

CD & DVD Packaging
Third Act Services creates packaging for multimedia products for performing arts presenters and individual recording and visual artists!

Branding & Identity Packages
Third Act Services manages the creative process with your key stakeholders to ascertain the core characteristics in words, color, and style that differentiate your organization and then convert those ideas into art that tells your story in a nutshell.

Maps & Infographics
Third Act Services has the expertise to create custom illustrations, from maps to infographics, that get your message across in a glance.

Signage & Video Graphics
From buses and kiosks to awnings, step-and-repeat backdrops, and video displays, Third Act Services can prepare your art for optimal results in any setting.

Branded Merchandise
Third Act Services works with clients to select and create merchandising opportunities that promote either the organization as a whole or a specific production, program, or event. Beyond the ubiquitous but always-popular t-shirt and coffee mug lies a wealth of opportunities for keeping your organization on people’s minds and in their hands.

Promotional Merchandise
Expand your reach with patrons, fans, and supporters via unique eye-catching merchandise that keeps your company in sight (or in hand) long after a production, campaign, or event has ended. Examples for the performing arts markets include:

Window Cards
The 14″ by 22″ window card poster has been part of Broadway (and Hollywood) marketing and promotion for over a century. Like their movie poster cousins, theatre window cards were considered disposable until they became collectible. Now a staple of most Broadway merchandising campaigns, the cast-signed card has also become a powerful fund-raising tool. Third Act Services can re-style your art – adding all the flourishes – so that that it will look at home in a gallery of Broadway posters.

Collectible Memorabilia
Engage your fans season after season by curating exclusive, limited-edition items that sport your unique look or brand. These items also make excellent acknowledgments for donors or special guests, and cherished opening or closing night gifts for cast and crew.